The Need for Business Charter

For organisations to show true commitment to the  workforce across the life span the proposed points by OPSO should be considered.

There is a need for a Business Charter  that imparts  or evoke a sense of urgency for action within an organisation. In this charter we would like to see a business case for change as  a pre requisite .We  would like to see applications of known best practice.

Without measurement such  Business Charter would be a toothless Tiger.
So questions which such a charter should address would include:

  1. How are we currently on track against this Charter and how will we know we are improving or regressing against the charter?
  2. Did we achieve what we agreed to achieve?
  3. Have we been effective in achieving what we did achieve?
  4. What are the lessons learnt?
  5. How does what we do and have done match best practice?

We must address the following barriers

  • Safe work environments
  • International Working Visas
  • Targeting Line Management and HR  leadership to address fundamental ageist behaviours

General Positions that  presently need to be met

Access to resources and opportunities for older job seekers, those wanting a career or casual work  status. These resources need to be in a format available to older workers such as  www and printed literature, including in  multilingual formats. As well there needs to be access to face to face support.