OPSO Media Awards Newsletter 2015

The Older People Speak Out (OPSO) Media Awards were held on the evening of 16 November 2015 at the State Library Auditorium, Brisbane Queensland. In the Life Times Special Edition Media Awards Newsletter 2015, Val French, President of OPSO explains the reasons why we have the OPSO Media Awards.

“We do so to encourage journalists to pay attention to the needs and contributions of seniors. Over recent generations there has been a major change in the population’s attitude towards older people.

Once upon a time the grandparents and great-grand parents were respected and looked after. The maiden aunt for instance, was sheltered within the family home and assisted in all the domestic chores.

The extended family is indeed changing as high rise buildings, units, childcare and aged care facilities take the place of the extended family. The past generation of extended families has gone. This is reflected in the media, and in the growth of Face book.

Whether all or any of this is for better or for worse we do not know but we need to pause awhile and wonder … “

Val French AM

Read more about the OPSO Media Awards in our Life Times Special Edition Media Awards Newsletter 2015 (16 November 2015)