OPSO Media Awards 2015–2016 now open

The Older People Speak Out Media Awards for 2015 – 2016 are now open for nominations.

The 2015 – 2016 national OPSO Media Awards are for nomination of items featuring positive coverage of Seniors and their issues, published or broadcast between the 3rd October 2015 and 26 September 2016.

Entries close 26 September 2016 – late entries will not be accepted.

The Awards are in two sections, National Awards are open to members of the Media (including journalism students), and People’s Choice Awards are open to members of the public only.

Entries can be submitted online or an entry form can be downloaded from the Submit Now page and emailed to mediaawards@opso.com.au or sent by post to:

OPSO Media Awards
PO Box 1037
Mt Gravatt  QLD 4122

Attachments: for print entries, please provide an original page or high-quality scan or photocopy; for photographs, an A4 colour print; and for audio and television, a CD or DVD must be provided.