New OPSO Media Awards category

New Queensland-only award to be added to the OPSO Media Awards

CARNE REIDY HERD (CRH) Lawyers are adding a new dimension to Elder Abuse Week in June by sponsoring an award of $1000 to the Queensland journalist who submits the winning entry in either print or electronic media that, by its very nature, illustrates and condemns physical, mental, emotional, or financial abuse towards seniors.

The winner of this special Queensland award will be announced at the Older People Speak Out National Positive Ageing Media Awards function in November. Entries should be sent to Older People Speak Out, PO Box 1037, Mt Gravatt 4122.

We are grateful to Carne Reidy Herd (CRH) Lawyers for this special Elder Abuse sponsorship

People, especially family members or neighbours who are guilty of physically, emotionally or financially abusing older people deserve our strongest condemnation.

– Val French AM