Media Release: Children and Older People At Risk

Grand children denied access to their grandparents suffer detrimental effects which harm their development with long term consequences including personality disorders.

Recent research into Attachment Theory and the Neuroscience of Human Relationships has found children in this situation will suffer damage to their brain, affecting their mental health and social development.

This research also confirms that the progeny of such children will be similarly afflicted.

This can impact on future generations.

Furthermore, Grandparents who are emotionally attached to their grandchildren and have that relationship severed suffer not only emotionally but also biochemically.

Their lives will also be shortened.

Parents denying any relationship between their children and their grandparents do so for personal reasons.

These may include emotional blackmail for financial gain, retaliation, vindictiveness or a personality dislike – usually more evident in conflict between the in-laws.

Tony Townsend from the Queensland Council of Grandparents said parents who put their children in this situation are guilty of both Child Abuse and Elder Abuse.

‘We want the Queensland Government to recognise that State law has been broken.

These victims need help preferably through counselling and mediation, and only in the last resort, through Family Law.’

For further information and to register your support for these people, please contact Tony Townsend on 07 33152523.