The first OPSO Media Awards were held in 1994 and they attracted 40 entries.  From that time the Media Awards never looked back.  The media soon understood what a positive ageing was all about and by 1998, OPSO invited the media from across Australia to join.  This event was held at Parliament House in Brisbane.

In the International Year of Older Persons the OPSO Media Awards were held in Parliament House in Canberra.  A busload of OPSO members, went down to Canberra to organize the event which to their great delight was held in the Great Hall at Parliament House, Canberra.

Minister Bronwyn Bishop became a regular patron of the event and worked with us during the next few years with the Awards held at the National Press Club, Canberra. As the Awards grew, and for practical reasons, it was necessary to bring the event back to Parliament House in Brisbane. The then Minister for Ageing Julie Bishop, was also a wonderful supporter and for the next few years with her assistance, the Media Awards continued to draw the media from around Australia.

Just as the media has evolved over the past 23 years, so did these Media Awards. With the increasing emphasis on digital presentation and cross-media collaboration, we have eliminated the focus on the medium, i.e. print, radio or electronic, preferring instead to focus this year on content irrespective of the platform that carries the item. This makes judging more difficult in that comparisons need to be made between the impact of the various mediums, but sharpens the work of the journalists as they select their entries. As always, high quality entries will prevail, irrespective of whether they are photographic, print or electronic.

And so the OPSO Media Awards have grown and are now in their 24th year and are still attracting media entries of the highest quality.

The 2015 – 2016 Media Awards photos from the ceremony is available here 

The 2016 – 2017 Media Awards are now open. Find out more about the Older People Speak Out Media Awards for 2016-2017 here