Human Services, Family Assistance – replaces Centrelink and Medicare

Centrelink and Medicare will now be one service called Human Services. Over the next months office space will be combined to house both these services under the one roof. In many cases, Medicare will move into Centrelink offices to save money in the upkeep and to utilize staff to streamline service with new systems that will combine information relating to all government payments for children, disabled, unemployed, and pensioners. It should also speed up Medicare claims.


There will be a new Human Services Web Site

This will provide a complete information site for all Human Services, even application forms for the Age Pension.


Concession Cards

All Human Services concession cards will be revamped.

From September 2012 new concession cards will start to be issued with slight colour changes and the new branding of the department. Most new cards will be issued when the present one has reached its expiry date. This includes Health Care Cards.

Information will be sent out to the public and businesses that give discounts to

Concession card holders, e.g. Transport companies, to prevent any kind of panic especially with older pensioners.


Sally Jones

National Convener

Older Women’s Network Australia