Our supporters are drawn from all walks of life and age groups. They are the people who attend our Speakouts in Brisbane and around the State. They are the journalists who enter our National Media Awards. They are the people who participate in the People’s Choice Media Awards.

In any regional town or city, our first contact is with other local Seniors’ groups, the local media and local government. We particularly target schools so that we can exchange ideas – and advice on using new technology in exchange for our more traditional skills; we find these meetings particularly stimulating and productive.

The Members of OPSO provide the stability, ideas and drive to advocate on behalf of Seniors. However, while we draw on our own experience in the workforce and elsewhere, we do not claim to be experts in every issue faced by the older generations. We then rely on experts in the field to inform and advise us as required by joining in to our Speakouts.

Our supporters provide us with the ammunition which we use to alert the media and to relay to Government. Our supporters are also kept informed via our website and face-to-face contact, on our progress.