OPSO works closely with Queensland Shelter to promote design concepts for suitable housing for older people. We actively promote the concept of ‘ageing in place’, including easing the difficulties of ‘downsizing’, promoting the provision of services delivered in the home, and ensuring access to public transport for essential services such as attendance at medical and dental facilities, shopping, recreation and social activity.

As Seniors age and need greater levels of care than can be provided in the home, OPSO is also active in Aged Care, the quality and standards of care in Nursing Homes, including the staffing of Nursing Homes.

OPSO congratulates those nursing homes who are dedicated to high levels of care in spite of many years of government underfunding and chronic staff shortages. Nursing Home Week can be an opportunity to showcase your facilities.

We believe that Nursing Home Week and the Awards will encourage an emphasis on such positive and creative suggestions and action from both government bodies and nursing homes, rather than an emphasis on complaints and over-regulation. Recent reactive regulations for volunteers is an example of such over-reaction that has far -eaching negative consequences.

We believe the best way to ensure that all nursing homes reach the highest standards is to continually encourage positive solutions rather than draconian regulations.

Nursing Home Week is also an opportunity to look to the future: are nursing homes as they are now the answer to the ageing population? Instead of building more and more expensive infrastructures would we not be better finding creative ways for us to age in place in the community. While there will always be a need for some nursing homes, there could be better ways to spend billions than on more infrastructures…money spent on nursing home care at home would be a better option.

Nursing Home Week awards

OPSO members will be judging the Daniels Shield nursing home carer and resident awards that will be part of Nursing Home Week.

At a time when many us are concerned about reports of neglect, staff shortages, questionable complaints processes and funding problems, we feel that such awards will help publicise the real contribution of nursing home carers, and that of many residents.

These residents, in spite of their own frailty, add their contribution to the welfare of others and this needs to be recognised.

Resident of the Year Award
Carer of the Year
(Terms and conditions are on page 2 of each document)

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