OPSO is a firm believer in the importance to both generations of bringing the young and old together. We are active in schools, initiated the Granfriends programme, and promote other community-building and intergenerational activities such as PCYC’s, Nursing Home visits, Grandparenting activities and technology exchange projects.

There are many advantages in linking the older and younger generations together.

The first is the skills we can share. In one town, for example, the young started an SMS group with a large group of older people. Once the activity got under way, they decided to have the older people teach them ballroom dancing, while a group of older men suggested they work with the students to make a video production.

Another project has been to involve Senior students with Meals on Wheels, sharing the delivery of meals with older members. A similar project is a plan to link younger people in a Junior Neighbourhood Watch.

The intergenerational project concept has also been very effective in helping to reduce the number of young offenders. One town has used this approach so effectively that in the last three months there have been no new offenders before the courts!

Click here to download the Intergenerational kit in PDF format (1.1Mb).

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