Older People Speak Out is an all-volunteer organisation, apolitical in outlook and we work with the Media and Government at all levels.   Our aim is justice for seniors through the promotion of positive ageing.   We advocate without fear or favour on behalf of seniors to raise and resolve issues affecting older people highlighted through our forums.  We are active in the community promoting positive ageing by example and our actions.

OPSO members include qualified people from various professions. We share our professionalism with others to help them to acquire the skills which will empower them. In this way we promote healthy ageing.

OPSO promotes the previously unrecognised contribution older people make to the stability of society.

OPSO achieves their goals by …

  • Providing the opportunities for people to be heard by stakeholders in government, business and the professions.
  • Encouraging members of the media to portray older people as contributing individuals rather than outdated stereotypes.
  • Helping businesses focus on the real needs of the older market.
  • Reaching out to people in rural and remote areas to ensure their voice is heard.
  • Keeping lines of communication with younger people open for our mutual benefit.
  • Demonstrating how to bring about positive changes within the community.

OPSO provides …

  • Discussions and lectures to schools and tertiary students.
  • Seminars and advice to business and government departments.
  • Speakouts with the community and the stake holders.
  • Guest speakers.
  • Media awards.
  • Grass roots research.

OPSO Management Committee

The OPSO Management Committee is elected annually by the members comprising of the following:

Founding President – Val French AM — Responsible for all Media input Click here to read more about  Val

Acting President – Irene Cayas

Vice President – Marjorie Green — Police Academy

Secretary – Yvonne Campbell

Treasurer – Mustafizur Khan

Committee Members

  • Anna Meyer
  • Gweneth Lawton

Emeritus Vice President Ilma Ferguson

Ilma was born in Emerald, but describes herself as a cosmopolitan girl at heart. She was a teacher, then teacher librarian, and became an editor for the Department of Education. She was one of the original members of Women’s Radio, broadcasting on 4EB, and later 4RPH, and convened the first national Women in the Media Conference.

As the foundation vice-president of OPSO, she is our editor, and one of the instructors for workshops on all communication courses. She organises out Speakouts, and is one of the organisers and judges of the media awards.

Since our inception she has traveled the state with the OPSO teams to find the needs and solutions to the problems of different communities, and takes a major role in our report writing.

She says she has not yet established a rapport with things like computers

Emeritus Vice President Bill Benson OBE