A thank you to fellow journalists

In 1993 I sent out an appeal to you journalists and media photographers and you responded. Commonwealth government research had shown that older people felt they were marginalised from the community.

Journalists, photographers and the newly formed Older People Speak Out met and decided to work together to find answers.

The answers were simple and they continue to work today.

We held our first Media Awards in 1994 to reward the media when they got it right about older people.

OPSO members travelled Queensland teaching individuals and organisations how to work with the media. We did this by conducting training classes to give older people the skills necessary to work with the media.

We also provided the media with good positive copy by opening Friday’s Night Club to older people for a wild night out that included seniors arriving on the backs of Harley Davidson’s, jitter bugging and dancing into the early hours.

We showed there was plenty of life in us yet!

The next morning you journalists responded with a fantastic coverage of older people in action.

Twenty years later we continue to believe that the partnership worked and is still working.

OPSO’s website has been established to continue this partnership. The idea is to inform you of any significant news, views and issues.

This is still a two-way street. Let’s continue the partnership.

Visit our website www.opso2.dev and go to the ‘Hot Topics’ tab.

Val French, President OPSO

Phone: (07) 3219 2572  Email: opso@opso.com.au  Website: www.opso2.dev