Monthly Archives: October 2015

A survey of sleep patterns and habits by the Sleep Health Foundation has revealed consumption of caffeine and alcohol increases steadily with age. As a result, people aged over 55 are waking an average of 2.5 times each night, disruptions that affect sleep quality. The findings are concerning given older people naturally have a more […]

One of the great popular divides between people is to establish whether they see the glass as half full or half empty: are they optimists or pessimists? Another, that seems to grow in intensity as the possibility of retirement draws nearer, is the difference between those who see work (where it is narrowly defined as […]

University Of Southern California A program that brings together older adults and elementary school students gives children academic and social support and lets the volunteers see how they can help the next generation. “The Baltimore Experience Corps Trial” is the first large-scale experiment to demonstrate that taking part in an intergenerational civic engagement program helps […]