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by Wendy Zukerman IMAGE: AROUND THE WORLD, RETIREES AND THE ELDERLY ARE TRIALING ALTERNATIVE LIVING ARRANGEMENTS. (LEVY CARNEIRO JR(Flickr; CC; NY))   The current options for retirement are rather uninspiring—stay at home or go to an aged care facility. Pioneering groups of architects, the elderly and social scientists are looking at creative alternatives, however. Life Matters […]

A boost to the living standards of younger generations is largely driven by the fact that cost of living pressures are lower. by Jacob Greber   Gen Ys continue to enjoy the fastest-growing standards of living compared to older generations, according to new modelling that confirms overall income growth slowed in the March quarter. In […]

Jeffrey E. Brand Over the past decade, stereotypes that video games were a popular medium intended only for youths have been eroded. It is clear that video games are also a popular medium for adults. The rapid growth of ever-older audiences playing games on mobile phones and on consoles has been brought about by easier […]