Monthly Archives: May 2012

Federal parliament’s Cyber-Safety Committee has today launched an on-line Australian seniors’ cyber-safety survey. The aim of the survey is to find out what older Australians think about online services and to give all senior Australians the opportunity to tell the committee about their concerns and experiences using the internet. The committee invites everyone aged 55 […]

This year’s OPSO Media Awards aim to draw attention to one of the major issues facing Australia: the need to keep our older workers in the workforce. As the population ages we face the need for great changes in community and business attitude if we are to meet the challenge. The Federal Government’s Consultative Forum […]

Dr Rod Tolley from the UK spoke of the resurgence of walking worldwide. A lecturer from Griffith University talked of town planning here to answer much of what Dr Tolley had recommended. Housing developments on the grid plan lend themselves to walking to the shops, to school etc., whereas modern suburbs seem to favour lots […]